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Sunday, 3 September 2017

This is our game of the week, download it.

At first glance, Snake VS Block seems another variant of the snake game. However, despite their colorful numbered blocks and their constantly rising or falling points, they play very differently and now we'll tell you why.

How to play

The game is simple, consists of a small snake that must go gobbling numbered balls, the greater number more growth. He also has to break blocks also numbered to go forward. The first step to getting a better score is to know what is really giving you points. The distance you travel or the number of balls you collect do not have a direct impact on your score: only the balls you run through the blocks will add up to your total .

You do not have to break a block completely to receive points. Each time you hit a block, you subtract one ball and reduce your counter for each hit , but in turn gives you a point. If you have enough balls and do not pass a block, you will reduce your counter to zero and your snake will disappear. Ohhhhhh. But if you hit a block with a 30 on it twice before sliding in another direction, your number will be changed to 28 and you would get two points. If you hit that same block of 30 until it disappears, you would get the 30 points.

You'll have to collect all the balls you find as your dot snake slides forward, you'll find yellow dots with numbers above them. If you catch them, your snake will grow . The more points you have, the more blocks you can find and the more points you can win. Although it only receives points when executing the numbered blocks, it can only survive by hitting those blocks by having enough acquired points.

Fly low

Hitting the blocks of higher numbers will reward you with more points in general, but it is easy for you to run out of points, so the best way to reserve balls is by targeting the lowest number when a block wall blocks your path. If you do not have time to read the numbers for each block, use your colors to guide it. The lower numbered blocks are blue, followed by green, yellow, orange and red .

Left, Right, Left, Right

The snake can not move backwards and you do not control your forward thrust: you can only move from left to right and vice versa. Therefore, use this movement to look for blocks smaller than your snake .

Stuck in you

Pay close attention when you break blocks and do not get trapped between two of them, your snake could bounce between the two, alternating taking points of each, but spending balls twice as fast. If you are trying to cross a wall of blocks, you only need to break a block to progress , do not try to break more than one block at a time.


We find a very simple game, but that hooks from the minute 1. It has enough levels and its simplicity is what makes it great. It is an ideal killer-hour, very effective to turn off the brain, which is sometimes necessary. Your point against, the free version has advertising between game and game , is very annoying when it is ads that you must see whole. But overall it pays off a lot, although you can get rid of ads by paying 3.49 euros.

 Snake VS Block
Snake VS Block

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