This is the reason why the stocks of the iPhone are exhausted -


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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

This is the reason why the stocks of the iPhone are exhausted

The new attracts. We could see it during the keynote last Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater. Millions of people could follow the event live, qee was going to present three new phones, an operating system and a new smartwatch. We were all a bit surprised to announce that the brand new iPhone X was going to be available on November 3rd .

Whether the iPhone X, Nintendo's next console or even Google's Pixel last year, the shortage of new electronic products have become the norm. While the delay of the release of the iPhone X adds even more disappointment to the consumers above the restricted offer , you must ask yourself, is it really only the shortage of components what causes the problem?

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal examines closely why there is always a shortage of iPhone and why this year is something more remarkable . One might think after years of hard-won experience, that technology hardware companies could deliver the goods when and where there is demand, especially at Apple.

As we have all considered at one time or another, are the supply issues part of Apple's strategy?

Are these shortages some sort of Machiavellian marketing game? Calculated risk management? Or is it that the manufacture of millions of complex electronic devices and their distribution worldwide is really difficult? It's probably a bit of all this.

The article suggests that there are three main factors that influence the availability of the iPhone (particularly at launch): demand forecasting, Apple perfectionism, and component shortages .
Forecast of demand

When it comes to demand forecasting, pre-booking data are very important and give companies the distribution of demand for their different iPhone variants. One source at the American newspaper said it is more difficult to anticipate demand when a device comes with a new price.

With this in mind, Apple is likely to face the most difficult prognostic test that is seen from the first iPhone, and the task is only more complicated as it introduced the iPhone X along with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (for not to mention the decision to keep from the iPhone 6S up).
Apple Perfectionism

Another factor that makes the shortage more likely is Apple's high standards. The brand is known for making last minute changes to its hardware, and even a small change can have a big impact.

" Even the relocation of a single screw can have consequences for the dimensions , placement and performance of dozens of other components, " says Chetan Sharma, a mobile industry consultant.

" An annual renewal of its telephone line leaves only a few months in each design cycle to get a device out of the lab and into the factories, " says Sharma.

When you include new components such as an OLED screen on the iPhone X, along with a perfectionism approach that sometimes gets maximized, production becomes even more complicated . This is often due to the fact that the performance rates of the components are lower than those of the previous generation product.
Shortage of components

The shortage of components is the factor we have most heard, and this year the iPhone X has been the victim due to the shortage of NAND memories and OLED panels. Apple is relying on Samsung to produce all the panels of the iPhone X , but is looking to diversify its production with the help of LG and may other manufacturers.

To sum it all up, making something like the iPhone is incredibly complex, and most likely, Apple just wants us to have their new iPhone X in our hands as soon as possible. Although delays and shortages are disappointing in the short term, it is amazing to consider the awesome technology we have access to and how it is evolving each year.

It's time for us to comment on this, if you felt something "plof" to know the distribution dates of the new iPhone X. We await you in comments as we prepare the following article. See you soon!

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