This is the Steve Jobs Theater in sight of dron a week of keynote -


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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

This is the Steve Jobs Theater in sight of dron a week of keynote

There are only 6 days left for the Apple keynote , so we assume everything should be ready at the Steve Jobs Theater integrated into the Apple Park they are building in Cupertino. Or not, because it is already known that masons know when they start but not when they finish. So, to make sure that the works are finished and everything is ready, why not take a look?

Who would say, so young and already looking at the state of a play, right? Quiet, you have not become a nonagenarian, it is simply that it has re-filtered a video recorded from a dron when the countdown already makes us think that should be with the details. If we already saw a spectacular video of the state of the works a few weeks ago, today we bring you a more spectacular delivery if it fits.

The construction of the Apple Park is about to end and Apple is dedicating to give the final touch to the Steve Jobs Theater, as you can see in the video uploaded by Sinfield. The campus is an idyllic spot and both the exterior and the interior are ring-shaped.

The theater is a 20-foot-high glass cylinder that sticks out on the campus and is surrounded by green. It has a roof of carbon fiber and has dimensions of 120,000 square feet. And where is the auditorium where so many people will fit in? Well, underground .

As we told you earlier, Apple has named its theater in honor of the co-founder of the bite apple brand , the eternal CEO Steve Jobs, who already imagined what Apple Park would look like in 2011.

Remember that the keynote where the iPhone 8 will be presented next Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00 pm Spanish time . From iPadizate we are preparing to tell you everything in a very special day.

Via | Macrumors 

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