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Friday, 1 September 2017

This is what Apple offers to protect your iPhone

Whenever we release iPhone it is usually normal to go in search of a cover to help us protect it. Apple offers a very wide range of own cases, although we will focus on 2 of them, the skin and the silicone .

I recognize that I am very critical of those people who, after making a disbursement in their device, are not able to invest a little more in a cover that conjugates design and protection. So many times we see phones that take them from a bazaar and make you want to cry . Finally there is no protection, and the aesthetic is eclipsed by something horrible.
Analysis of two of them

I've had both skin and silicone. If I had to choose one of the two I would do it for the first and then we will see pros and cons of each one.
Leather case

The advantages of this focus on the following sections:

  •     They age very well, since the skin is a natural element.
  •     The grip and feel are excellent.
  •     Covers the 4 critical corners. 

The disadvantages

  •     They do not fully protect the bottom edge.
  •     The light colored ones end up blackening.
  •     Price is very high. 

Silicone sheath

Its advantages are these:

  •     Excellent grip, superior for my taste to the skin.
  •     Wide variety of colors.
  •     Price lower than the skin.
  •     It also protects the 4 corners. 

The disadvantages would be:

  •     They peel by edges and edges very quickly.
  •     They age very poorly.
  •     They also do not protect by the base. 

The differences are not so many and probably both will give a good service to our phones . The quality of the covers and their finishes are at a high level, although the silicone ones are peeled yes or yes. It is a wear that is causing strips of the first coating to wear, and when it has made the material of the sheath itself is itched. It's a shame because they are made in such a way that they fit like a glove and the test tests give you a good grade.

My recommendation is that you choose the skin because of its better ability to withstand the passage of time, even if you ever want to give it some life you can treat it with specific products for skins or some moisturizer.

If you are still undecided or are not convinced you can dive through the huge range of cases you find on the market, some are true works of art . Protection and design can go hand in hand. Now is the time to tell us in comments and social networks what your favorite cover is and why.

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