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Saturday, 2 September 2017

This is what worries me most about the iPhone 8

We have been rumors of iPhone 8 for months. Models, components, covers and features have been filtered. Even pictures of the assembly line. Everything points to an OLED screen, wireless charge, absence of the Home button , a fantastic reduction of frames, a supposed camera that would record at 4K to 60fps and wireless charge. All are fantastic features, but the rumors are "forgetting" something more important , the battery.

A poor battery could crucify the iPhone 8

So little has been said about the battery of the iPhone 8 that to this day is a mystery. There was talk of the same capacity as the iPhone 7 plus in a size similar to the iPhone 7. A priori, this would indicate a great work by Apple to build and locate the same, but nothing more ... We will have new features and a greater screen size that will demand more energy, nothing assures us that that capacity gives us that duration that we have been waiting for so long.

The duration of the battery in the current iPhone is not to shoot rockets . With the iPhone 7 and heavy use we must charge the device at least once throughout the day. With the iPhone 7 Plus we will arrive at the end of the day, but it does charge battery. This - and the double camera - is what made me cherish the iPhone 7 plus despite being in favor of more restrained sizes. And although the battery saving mode works very well, it is still not enough if we use an iPhone 7. The "no phablets" models are the ones that are suffering from battery from the iPhone 6.

The optimization work at Apple is astounding and with lower capacities in their batteries they get better results than the competition. But even so, it is not enough for those who give intensive use to the device. With a more restrained use can take a day and a half of battery on the iPhone 7, but that is the duration we should see with moderate or even intensive use. It is inevitable to make comparisons with Samsung, and in this case with the Galaxy S8.

At Samsung, following the scandal of Note 7 , they made the decision to reduce capacities in their batteries to "go it safe". With the S8 the capacity decreased with respect to its predecessor, the S7. I have been able to test it for a month and its battery is reasonable, giving me more time to use than the iPhone 7 - but no more than the iPhone 7 plus - although not a big difference.

The capacities of the batteries go according to the optimization and the use of resources of the system, therefore in Android the batteries are of greater capacity although soon the yield is similar. So ... What moves Apple to assemble batteries of less capacity when it has the same space or even more than the competition?

The clearest example is the Galaxy S8 Plus, almost identical in size to the iPhone 7 Plus but with much more battery capacity . A battery like the S8 Plus mounted on an iPhone 7 Plus would give a spectacular performance. We talk about Apple, with some very qualified engineers. I refuse to believe that they are not able to implement batteries of more capacity in the space they have.
What can we expect from the iPhone 8 battery?

I think we all feel identified when it comes to manufacturers should give more importance to the battery. Many features are added but they seem to forget the battery. With this iPhone 8, Apple should be unmarked in this sense, and not by competition, but by itself, to match its weak point to other features.

A battery capacity like the iPhone 7 Plus in a size of the iPhone 7 is only fantastic if the iPhone 8 demand the same power as an iPhone 7, otherwise we would go back to a "normal" battery. Despite all the new goodness that will bring the iPhone 8 I still worry about the battery . I can not help but think what I've been seeing since the iPhone 6 and I can not stop thinking that all the news that will bring will increase the power consumption.

Yes, that the new processor will be more efficient , but that efficiency will serve to alleviate - not completely - the consumption of new features and now. Be that as it may, I hope finally with this iPhone 8 Apple grant us the battery we have always demanded, and why not, that we deserve. Leave us in the comments you expect from the iPhone 8 battery and how you wish it were.

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