This is why Apple Watch is the best gadget to measure your activity -


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Saturday, 2 September 2017

This is why Apple Watch is the best gadget to measure your activity

Apple has granted Men's Health magazine a visit to its exercise lab where it develops activity and health monitoring functions for Apple Watch. The brand has first taught its fitness center, a revelation considering that there are 10 days left for the keynote .

 The magazine describes the employees' fitness lab and the type of equipment used by the experts:

On a recent morning, about 40 employees are sweating over different exercise devices with 13 physiologists and 29 nurses and doctors supervise the data. Many of the exercisers are connected to a metabolic cart and ECG and are using a $ 40,000 device that analyzes their calorie burning, oxygen consumption and VO2 max .

The laboratory also contains three air-conditioned rooms called Higher, Faster and Stronger that simulate a range of extreme temperatures . Apple fitness chief Jay Blahnik said the lab has recorded 33,000 sessions for 66,000 hours of 10,000 participants over five years.

" Our lab has collected more data on activity and exercise than any other human performance study in history, " says Jay Blahnik, Apple's director of fitness for health technologies, in an unpublished interview.

The report also includes some other interesting things like how the Apple Watch Series 2 only captures the location data: " GPS does not work underwater, so data is collected when the arm is left dry ."

"The watch has a guided program based on the research of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. Research director John Denninger, MD, Ph.D., recommends several sessions a day in duration of one to five minutes each. "Deep breathing can lower blood pressure and is likely to be linked to beneficial changes in the way genes, such as those involved in reducing inflammation, activate and extinguish, " he says.

As for the goal of the fitness features of Apple Watch:

" Ultimately, " says Blahnik, " we are working to make the watch help you be healthier in the future, or at least be as good as it is today. This is definitely an area where the Apple watch continues to help me personally today . "

What's next for the Apple clock is the addition of LTE connectivity that will allow applications to work even when the iPhone is not around . This could also make the Apple Music service connected to Watch make the Apple watch a better workout partner.

The new Apple Watch with LTE is expected to be unveiled on September 12 along with the iPhone 8 at Apple's upcoming Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park . We will be here to tell you all the news that is produced and you do not miss anything at all. We will wait for you.

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