This is the worst of the iPhone X by far (and not its price) -


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Friday, 15 September 2017

This is the worst of the iPhone X by far (and not its price)

It's hard to deny that the iPhone X is the best iPhone Apple has ever made. Since we saw it this past Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater, we were surprised by its new design (it was time to change the design). The device features a 5.8-inch OLED screen that occupies virtually the entire front of the device , also incorporates a glass that allows wireless charging on the back. No doubt, the look of the device is fantastic.

Of course, not everything is what we can see from the outside. The iPhone X incorporates the new Apple Bionic A11 processor, which is as powerful as some computer processors and of course, more powerful than any processor used in any Android device . The iPhone X is unrivaled, but in spite of this it is not at all perfect.

The worst of the iPhone X 

No, we do not refer to the very high price that reaches the device ( especially in Spain ) or to any feature of the iOS embedded. We are referring to the top of the phone, the part of the sensors.

The new Apple camera "True Depth" is undoubtedly one of the greatest innovations ever seen on a mobile camera, the iPhone X incorporates this technology into its iFace camera . The sensors that this needs also allow us to unlock the phone using facial recognition, it will also get some emoji to imitate us. The problem is that Apple decided to follow the screen around these sensors.

It's not unsightly, of course, the problem comes when we watch a video or play something on this device . Applications are played in full screen, including the top, so the videos and games you open on the iPhone X will be trimmed by the front sensors.

Neither is a clipping too big, but the problem should be solved as soon as possible. A software fix is ​​likely to appeal to everyone , a simple black stripe on top is more than enough to fix this problem, at least while playing or playing video.

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