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Friday, 22 September 2017

This security bug on iOS 11 may crash your iPhone

iOS 11 is practically a baby, it was released really recently and adds a multitude of new features that make your mobile or tablet look new. Unfortunately and as is common in these new systems: a security bug has appeared in iOS 11 that allows access to the data of the phone without password.

The new system of Apple had versions beta that lasted several months before the final version was sent, of this form they managed to minimize the failures of the system and of security. But unfortunately, this new ruling that allows unlocking the phone without consent has appeared despite the precautions of Apple.

How does the security bug work? 

The fault we are talking about is executed through security profiles that allow iOS 11 to be blocked . These profiles are intended for external developers to configure network properties, mail accounts, or certificates, but in this case is used to infect our device with malware .

This iOS lock uses profiles by installing them via a browser . The malware was distributed by a young Japanese man and is being spread through websites that trick people into visiting them by making them believe that it is Twitter or YouTube. Once you open the link there is not much else to do, it installs the profile automatically and unsigned .

What happens once the profile is installed? It begins to install fake applications in the phone that are impossible to erase and cause a collapse in iOS, and therefore, the smartphone. This profile was found with the name of iXintpwn / YJSNPI and allows you to skip the lock screen and access all the images in our phone.

Bearing in mind how dangerous this profile is , security experts recommend that if we receive a link, we do not download it unless it is signed and we are sure that it does not contain any malicious software.

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