This video shows the iPhone 8 in action -


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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

This video shows the iPhone 8 in action

Throughout these last months we have seen how they have appeared all kinds of images, concepts, photographs and videos of prototypes of the iPhone of the tenth anniversary. Although most of these leaks are not real, it is interesting to see what the final design of the smartphone could be since the removal of the Home button and the side bezels will be a very important change.

This time we will share a very short video, and a quality quite lousy indeed, in which you can watch the first iPhone 8 in full action. Is it really an iPhone 8 or is it a visual trick?
The first video of an iPhone 8 in operation

The video comes just a week before the official presentation of the iPhone 8 . In the video you can see how the iOS 11 user interface works with the new terminal design, with an OLED screen that covers the entire front and an upper frame for the 3D sensors of the FaceTime camera.

The video reflects what we expected. The upper frame of the front of the iPhone 8 makes the corners become an ideal place to enter the elements of the status bar (battery, Wi-Fi signal, time ...) of the iOS 11 user interface.

The iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 10th Anniversary (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone 8 ...), Apple TV 4K, and Apple Watch Series are all still underway. The conference will take place on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park . Of course, from iPadizate we will carry out a wide coverage of the event so that you are aware of all the news and all the products that Apple will present.

Source | Cult of Mac 

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