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Friday, 8 September 2017

Tim Cook: From Apple to Hollywood

Imagine that you are someone with success and power. Imagine that you decide to make an advertisement to promote your old university. We can say, without fear of being mistaken, that this announcement is a guarantee of success. Today we are going to tell you something about the jump to the screen of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim graduated from Auburn University in an industrial engineering in 1982, with only 22 years. His leap into Apple's bite company was in 1998 and he took over Apple's power when Steve Jobs was already very ill in August of 2011. His work at Apple is well known.

It has had the nice detail of lending its image to an advertisement of its old university, located in the state of Alabama. It appears animated and with a subtitle that indicates its year of graduation . There are also other people, not famous and with different jobs, like a Tesla engineer or a technique in renewable energies.

It is funny that in that ad appears Cook making a video call through FaceTime on an iPad, which is also another publicity for Apple, which although it is concealed is clearly visible. Already known, the famous "favor with favor is paid" .

The same Auburn University has also launched the same day another announcement in which Cook goes further, talking about how important the school was for his own development as a person , calling it "a great happy family."

It is very grateful to be able to see how successful people can do much to help entities that were once key in their life, this gesture shows that for Tim Cook his passing through that university was something very relevant and that probably helped him to be where he is now.

Do you know more about famous people who have had similar gestures? We would love to hear your stories and for that it is important that you let us know in comments. we wait for you in the next post.

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