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Monday, 18 September 2017

Tim Cook is clear: "Apple is not for the rich"

Usually the image we have of Apple products is that they are premium, probably the best gadgets in their respective markets . Without going any further, you know that when you buy an iPhone you are buying a top phone, however you can find cheap Androids for 100 euros or even less.

But Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, does not see that the iPhone or iPad are exclusively for the rich, and as he said recently in an interview. Curious statements that for example in Spain will fall like a jug of cold water, considering that many people charge in a month less than it costs its brand new iPhone X.

For Cook, we can find iPhone and iPad for about 300 dollars, an affordable price for its quality . In addition, he claims that his profit margins are not as high as in other companies. By the way, a few days ago we discovered how much it costs to make an iPhone X.

    If you look at our product line you will see that you can buy an iPad for $ 300. The same goes for the iPhone, depending on which one you choose. They are not rich prices.

Obviously, Tim Cook refers to the iPhone SE and the iPad Mini 4 , because beyond those two models, prices soar.

However, usually the devices that cover the covers and their ads are not usually those two models, but the iPad Pro and the iPhone X. And this is where Apple has put its line: How many people will be willing to pay more than 1,159 euros to buy the latest flagship of Apple? Will the price hike affect your impressive sales figures?

We will have to see how many people will be willing to go through that "Apple tax" , which pays more for products that we can find in other brands at lower prices.

Anyway, Apple seems to have changed its strategy lately , knowing what was coming to it: on the one hand it continues to offer more expensive and more expensive products, but on the other, it has launched a line with a lower and more affordable profile, We all do not want or need that premium range.

What do you think? Do you think your products are affordable? Is it worth investing in them?

Via | Business Insider 

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