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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tired of posturing on Facebook? "Sleep" to the heavy

Facebook is the social network in which millions of people frequently download material. From photos, useless chains, hoops, deep notes, our ideas or whatever we can think of. And it is very normal to have really tired people among our contacts. The typical one that shares everything , or the one that publishes jokes of dubious taste.

Facebook finally has a solution for you. It is testing a "Sleep" button that allows users to temporarily suspend people, pages and groups for periods of 24 hours, a week or 30 days . We will be able to breathe in relief as wedding photos disappear, baby videos and "You think I'm ugly because you will not give it to share" messages.

The feature, which is currently being tested with only a small segment of users , would be hosted in the upper right menu of messages. Users can select "Stop following" or "Sleep" where previously only "Stop following" could be selected.

" We are testing new ways to give people control over their news feeds so they can be connected to the stories they consider most relevant ," a Facebook spokesman said.

The blue social network offers you a way to get rid of the annoying friends described in the first paragraph. The "Hide post" button fills a similar niche , but it may not be as effective, it's about to see how much "seeing fewer posts" removes someone from your feed .

The "Sleep" is a similar approach, but much more concrete, and is to stop following. But the most important thing for Facebook, and for the user himself, is that users can follow people back when the time is up.

Look further : Does it make up for the Facebook application?

We will wait to see when this option is available to all audiences, as there are more new features planned lately . Do you consider it useful? Do you have friends you can apply to? We await your comments.

Source : mashable.com 

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