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Friday, 1 September 2017

Tuenti will erase all your photos, you can run to download them

Probably if you are reading this you just remember those photos that you had in Tuenti years ago. It was a very popular social network among teenagers, in fact it was known as the "Facebook Spanish", and now it is reconverted into a virtual mobile operator. But the issue is not that, but you only have two hours to recover your photos that you uploaded there .

Tuenti belongs to Telefónica and has decided to get rid of the huge amount of photos of its servers. Keeping them supposes an important economic amount in maintenance, since there are 6,000 million photographs in the servants. It is obviously something that no longer has any meaning to maintain, as the social network has ceased to exist .

To download the images, users have to download the Tuenti application in the AppStore or PlayStore, log in and get to the photos tab in "My Profile". After entering an email, the social network will send the content in a zip file and you can enjoy them, delete them or save them.

Tuenti was bought by Telefónica in 2010, and converted it into an MVNO, and in fact is quite successful. It has created a niche in an eminently young market and looking for cheap calls, also for Wi-Fi and affordable data packages, always under the umbrella of Movistar.

The debacle of Tuenti as a social network was caused to many of its users ended up migrating to Instagram or Twitter , so it was losing interest. The original idea of ​​five young people in Madrid touches to an end today. Fortunately, as a telephone company its course seems firm.

Well you know, if you have some photography, go download the application and download your memories , and tomorrow will be too late for it. Let's not say we warned you. Or do you want to lose those photos of the holidays in Cadiz in 2009? 

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