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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Watch how the iPhone X makes biting the best Android

The typical battle. Android vs. Apple. The giant of Cupertino vs the green robot. Every year the same story, Apple launches a very powerful mobile, Android in the end just overcomes you . Always in time to see how Apple once again snatches the leadership. There is no exception, of course, the new iPhone X (and iPhone 8) leaves the former to the best devices on the market.

It has not been too long since the presentation of the iPhone X and everyone interested in technology was forced to leave what it was doing to gossip a few minutes. And this incredible phone has the most powerful processor ever seen on a smartphone . The Bionic A11 .

This processor is so powerful that it can be compared without exaggeration with laptop processors . And not normal processors or lowcost, rather a Intel i5 seventh generation. It is easily predictable that all this power will not be used by most users, but of course it is surprising.
The high range of Android phones is in evidence

This new chip does not surpass almost the previous most powerful mobile of the market, it surpasses to him by lot . We talked about the great Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which has been overwhelmed by the power of new processors Apple. This chip may not have as many cores as the Galaxy Note 8, but neither the number of cores nor the frequency of these are used to beat the A11

As we can see, the iPhone X gets a high score next to its opponents in Multi-core mode , and in single-core does not stay anything either. The score of this new iPhone is comparable to the one they get some notebooks (specifically MacBook Pro), something really amazing to be a phone.

In short, this new iPhone has far exceeded the expectations we all put on it in the power section . Anyone can say that an iPhone is expensive , but I doubt very much that making and designing a processor of such caliber is within everyone's reach.

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