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Saturday, 16 September 2017

What if we ran out of iPhone X until 2018?

It is something really curious to see how all that expectation that had been created before the presentation of a product, becomes desire, or disappointment. On the one hand, many of us feel a strong desire for the iPhone X , a phone that has certainly caused a stir . But on the other, many have still been wanting more. They hoped that, for once, the rumors and leaks were nothing more than a screen of smoke, behind which a real revolution was hidden.

Regardless of what we personally feel about this new device, the truth is that it is expected that, despite its high price , have a large number of sales. Or, at least, that's what Apple wanted, after having invested so much in the development of this new phone. However, there is a serious problem around this issue . One that we had already advanced before, but that has not been so far that has finally come to light. The lack of units.

The innovation of iPhone X not only costs money, but also our time 

The new iPhone X, is a truly innovative phone, and some of its components are the first in the industry . Examples of this are the sensor TrueDepth, and the "neural motor" of the Aion Bionic. But that is precisely what will make the iPhone X a phone really hard to get in its first few months, according to information that has provided analysts of firms such as KGI Securities. The beginnings of any technological novelty are always complicated, and is that production must be optimized over time to produce more effectively.

In fact, the problem facing Apple is such that many predict that there will be problems until at least the first quarter of 2018 . Which, given that the holiday season is usually the time when iPhone sales soar, may cause Apple's results to temporarily resent. And, of course, customers are disappointed to not be able to have their iPhone X for Christmas. At the moment, we can only wait for the November 3 launch to know what will happen.

And you, do you intend to become one with the launch?

Via | MacRumors 

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