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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What to do if you are sent a photopene in AirDrop

We recently talked to you about some ways to troll people through AirDrop, a file sharing system unique to Apple products. Today, however, we come to speak of something that is becoming very fashionable and has nothing funny.

You do not know if you are aware of what is cyber flashing. we tell you quickly, it is about sending photos or videos to strangers, and obviously without your consent, through wireless file exchange technologies , such as Bluetooth or AirDrop if you have an Apple device. They work only within walking distance.

People are getting unsolicited explicit sexual shots through AirDrop on their iPhone while traveling on public transport. Yes, that means people do not even need your phone number or email address to send you an unwanted sexual message. Depressed, yes?

Juliet Jeske, based in New York, said she had set up her phone to accept AirDrops from a co-worker who needed to send her some audio files. But, she was not aware that her AirDrop configuration meant that strangers were able to send her things .

" I was sitting in the crowded subway during the rush hour of the morning when I got an AirDrop from an account called something like" Big Dick Daddy "and said that the photo appeared" out of the blue "and I had no idea who it was that man. " I immediately turned off my phone and then configured it so I would not accept any AirDrop, " says Jeske.

Alarmingly, this type of activity is very common. " When I told my friends at work they said that they too had happened to them. ", Jeske continued. A simple Twitter search shows that many people from important cities are being attacked indiscriminately in public spaces .

So what can we do to avoid this?

Change AirDrop settings

To protect your phone and your eyes from the pest of unsolicited penis photos, you must change your AirDrop settings. It is very easy to do, fortunately. Simply slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen and press the "AirDrop" button below your brightness setting. Change the AirDrop settings from "All" to "Contacts only" .

Do not delete the image

The British Transport Police (BTP) is taking a very tough stance on the AirDropping of penises, stating that the public should be able to travel on public transport without experiencing " unwanted sexual behavior of any kind, whether verbal, physical or technological. "

" Receiving an indecent image of someone you do not know can be very distressing and something that we take very seriously if we are informed, " says Chief Inspector of Detectives Kate Forsyth.

If we get an image of an unwanted penis, it is quite normal to feel the need to erase it from your phone so that you never have it any more. However, Forsyth advises saving the image so that offenders can be brought to justice through the courts .

Forsyth says criminals may think they can " hide behind modern technology ," but that they " leave a fingerprint " when they send out these messages. This can be key to being caught, arrested and ending up in the sex offender registry. So, be a warning to anyone thinking of trying this on AirDrop .


As this is not a matter for making a joke, it is advisable to go to any police station to report the facts. You can also file a complaint electronically at the National Police or Guardia Civil , providing the photos you have received , and you will have up to 72 hours to sign the complaint in person.

We wish that this sad fashion, we do not have data of denunciations in Spain, cease and that does not arrive at our cities. It is a very unpleasant way to start or end a day if you use public transport. Between all of us we can attack it by coming to denounce this violation of privacy.

Source : mashable.com

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