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Friday, 22 September 2017

What you play that you're going to break your iPhone 8 on February 5

In less than 24 hours, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will begin to fill the shelves of the Apple Store and other authorized stores. If you decided on these terminals and reserved, tomorrow is the day to pick you up. But do not get too excited, because the chances of it stamping out are very high . We even give you a date: on January 5, just for the Twelfth Night.

More specifically, you will break your iPhone 8 to 1 in the morning . It will be just at that moment when you fall on the toilet or slip out of your hands while trying to do a selfie. Maybe you're doing everything with Maluma baby on the dance floor and zas, your cell phone is falling and some heels reduce your screen to pieces smaller than the New Year's Eve confetti.

How do we know this? Is it a curse that will happen to you if you do not share this post or comment? No. This theory comes from the hard and accurate statistics of a mobile repair specialist called iSmash who has calculated that the average break screens on their mobiles just 105 days after their purchase . Okay, we are not English, but it is a fact to take into account to remedy.

I know it sounds very soon, terribly hasty. You may not even have finished paying for it , but we insist: iSmash has developed a calculator based on its device repair experience that determines when you are most likely to break your new phone based on when you bought it.

It is true that they are dedicated to repair and maybe have interests in it, but that serves as a warning: not to leave the store without their respective cover and screen protector . Remember also that the covers of the iPhone 7 are also worth for the iPhone 8 . Of course another option is also to hire insurance or even trust you to be out of that damn Gaussian bell.

Via | GQ Magazine 

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