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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

WhatsApp for business is already here and is as scary as you think

For years, WhatsApp has been considered the best instant messaging app, not for its functions, but for all the people it managed to put together in a single communication platform . At the time, thanks to WhatsApp, users of operating systems like Symbian, Blackberry OS, Android, Windows Phone, and of course, iOS, were allowed to talk to each other completely free with just an internet connection.

At this time, some of the operating systems that existed at the start of WhatsApp have disappeared, and now we only have two major platforms, iOS and Android. However, users who started using it at the time, kept their account when jumping to more modern devices. This makes WhatsApp able to achieve a number of users of infarction, which makes it the perfect app for communication with companies .

We can now get ready to receive messages from companies in WhatsApp 

Therefore, to improve this aspect of the app, WhatsApp has started to distribute a special version for companies called WhatsApp Business. This is prepared, in the first place, to solve the limitations that the normal app has for small and medium enterprises that use the service to keep in touch fast with their customers. Secondly, it will also launch a specialized service for large companies, whose needs for tasks such as customer service are especially superior.

From this moment, we can start to see verified profiles in the application so that, when a company contacts us through it, we can see if it is a real profile or a scam. However, it will be necessary to see if this new WhatsApp service is used simply for quick contact with customers when they request it, or if, on the contrary, it is used for fast distribution of advertising, in line with the current main business From Facebook.

And you, what do you think of this new service of the company?

Source | WhatsApp Blog 

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