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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Where to buy the most expensive and cheapest iPhone X in the world

The new iPhone X is full of new features , as you may have noticed. Apple has worked really hard to bring a phone ready to surprise, especially, the iPhone users themselves. And is that, just for the design, is worth the change.

At least, that is what we would like most people to use their products. Because, just as the design of the new iPhone X makes us want to buy it, seeing their prices automatically takes them away. Because, this is not only the best iPhone in Apple's history, it is also the most expensive, and by far indeed.

Where should we buy the new iPhone X? 

But, unfortunately for some, the situation is not the same in all countries. For various reasons such as import costs, taxes, currency changes, prices will always vary between territories. Especially, if we talk about technological products, such as the iPhone X, they are especially expensive in countries like ours.

To get an idea of ​​the differences that exist, we will take as base the official price in the United States, where each state has its own fiscal laws. Knowing that the price in Spain is 1,159 euros for the 64GB model, we can see that, compared to a state like California, we get 27% more expensive in our country. As you can see, the price of the most powerful phone is just as variable.

But that's just a small example. If we want to get the new iPhone X 36% cheaper, we can do it in Japan, where we find it for about 859 euros . And, if you are curious to know where you spend more buying the new phone from Apple, you just have to move to Italy, where it will be 3% more expensive. Do you fancy a trip to the country of the rising sun?

And you, Will you buy the new iPhone X with the official price of Spain?

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