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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Which camera is better: Note8 vs iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has always had a constant discussion with its competitors to see who has the best camera in the market and that considering that the original iPhone did not have a really powerful camera for the time. Even with this downside, the iPhone has always been sold really well.

Since then, the company decided to start investing more in their cameras, becoming one of the main reasons why someone would buy an iPhone . This has become an obsession on the part of the Cupertino giant and has reached an extreme where few device manufacturers are able to rival, certainly the Apple cameras are impressive.

It really does little, Apple launched its new line of phones with the most advanced camera that Apple has ever created. The camera that incorporates this iPhone 8 Plus is the most powerful ever seen on a smartphone company and incorporates an impressive amount of improvements over the company's previous phone.

Of course, all manufacturers can assure that the camera of their phones are the best , and will not hesitate to question any claims made by the competition. As it could not be different, many people have now compared the camera of this iPhone 8 Plus with that of the flagship of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 .

Which camera is better? 

Hard to say since both phones have really good cameras. Luckily, the YouTube channel: SuperSafTV, makes a comparison between the camera these two terminals quite complete . In addition to comparing the camera of these terminals, it offers its point of view and opinion (in English).

It can be seen in the video that the quality of the camera of the iPhone 8 Plus leaves something to be desired in certain aspects , while in others it offers a quality and color more accurate to those of reality. Of course we can not assure that the iPhone 8 Plus has the best camera in the world or that can rival much against the Galaxy Note8, but we will have to wait for the iPhone X to see who has the last word.

Source | bgr.com 

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