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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Why the iPhone X consumes more battery despite the OLED

Apple introduced its iPhone X in the middle of September, the smartphone of the tenth anniversary has surprised everyone with its design. It has an OLED screen that covers the entire front of the device , and its side bezels are very thin.

Its OLED display , in theory, should make the iPhone X consume less battery. Less LCD screens, of course. However, the iPhone X consumes a lot of energy. In this article we will tell you why.

The iPhone X battery has a capacity of 2,716 mAh , slightly higher than the battery capacity of the iPhone 8 Plus, which has 2,691 mAh.

Why does the iPhone X consume so much battery?

LCD screens use a system that illuminates the entire area of ​​the screen. Even areas of the black screen have the same amount of light , but it hangs with the LCD pixels.

On the other hand, OLED screens illuminate individual pixels , so an area of ​​black tones on the screen does not require any power. Therefore, the battery of terminals with OLED display should have a longer duration.

Companies in the mobile industry typically deploy OLED displays at their terminals in order to increase their brightness thanks to the energy efficiency they provide.

The problem with the iPhone X is that it has an even bigger screen than the iPhone 8 Plus . The iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen, while the iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen.

But the 5% increase on your screen is not so exaggerated that the battery consumes more energy for it. At least, not so much. This suggests that there is another technology in the iPhone X that requires more power ...

One of the possible reasons for the vast power consumption in the iPhone X battery is the optical image stabilization system . The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have this feature on a camera, but the iPhone X has it in both.

Another feature that may be constantly draining the battery is the TrueDepth function. A system that, while not emitting visible illumination, requires large amounts of energy.

Despite having a larger capacity battery and a more energy efficient display, the iPhone X consumes too much battery. Its autonomy is 12 hours with the use of Internet and 13 hours of video playback . At least, users will have the help of the fast charge , which will charge up to half the battery in 30 minutes.

Via | 9to5mac 

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