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Friday, 15 September 2017

Why the iPhone X is more expensive in Spain than in other countries

You have to live under a rock to not have heard the launch of the new generation of Apple phones. Among them we found the iPhone X, a device that is not exactly cheap and much of it has been rumored before its release. We are talking about a price that reaches four figures .

The iPhone X tube debut on Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater. We were able to appreciate its new design and specifications , including the new face recognition and its dates of reservation, purchase and the price of it.

Everyone has talked about the price that would reach the device on their way out, many analysts said that it would spend $ 1,000 and that would be very difficult to sell because of its high value. However, Apple has not crossed this barrier, but it has exceeded 1,000 euros.
How is this possible?

In the United States we can do with our own iPhone X for 999 dollars, in Spain we must pay 1,159 euros if we want one . Why is this happening? The dollar is not the same as the euro, having the dollar a lower value means that more dollars are less euros.

Should not this make it cheaper in Spain? Exactly, but it has become fashionable not to do the conversion , this means that it arrives in Spain worth 999 euros, almost 160 euros more, the rest are the taxes that we must pay the state.

Of course, in each country the device will have a different price. This depends a lot on the taxes of each and the currency of this . To clarify: we pay more to have the euro as currency and for our VAT, which is not precisely low.

Let's not buy phones in America now. Think before we should pay customs (21% of the value, which would still be cheaper than in Spain), and that the guarantee of the country where we buy it will be the one that has the phone. Is it worth having a guarantee that may not serve us by saving 10%? That depends on you.

Source | as.com 

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