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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Why is the iPhone 8 so boring?

So you have almost a thousand euros in your pocket and they burn you. In addition, your mobile is at the gates of retirement, either because you have tired of it, the battery sighs for you, your screen is cracked ... call it X. Or rather, call it 8. Because the iPhone 8 may be your next acquisition .

I hope you do not get bored easily , because in the end, the iPhone 8 has the same design as the iPhone 7. And that iPhone 6s. And that the iPhone 6. Yes, it's a consolidated design and it works but, would you buy a car model that takes years without being renewed? Although the monkey dresses crystal, mona stays. Let's face it, the iPhone 8 is so 2014, it is so seen, so demodé regarding the infinite screens.

Apple will never say but the iPhone 8 improvements over the iPhone 7 are merely incremental , with wireless charging and some improvements in the camera as news to highlight. Of course, the "bionic" A11 chip is shamefully faster than any other smartphone on the market and even a Macbook , but if you had an iPhone 7, you had enough speed.

The real star of this year is the iPhone X , which by the way we will have to wait at least one more month. As little.

Among the experts who have already tested the iPhone 8 there is a clear consensus: it is not that they are bad mobiles, that in fact the iPhone 8 is a cucumber, the best mobile you will find. It is that Apple spoiled its own party announcing at the same time the iPhone X , that yes that has really great updates, like its OLED screen without borders and that front with a set of cameras that enable the Face ID.

So the question is, if the iPhone X is the real upgrade, the star of the Apple panorama, why there is the iPhone 8? And why does it exist in two versions? Is it just a question of price? 

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