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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Wi-Fi and iOS 11 Bluetooth have trick

Despite the huge amount of news we know of iOS 11 , Apple never ceases to amaze us with its tricks . The last of them all? That Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are not turned off at all when we go to the control center and turn them off.

An Apple Support document reports the fact that turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Control Center on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11 and later (sic) is still available for use in AirDrop, AirPlay , Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, Localization services and continuity tools such as Handoff and Instant Hotspot.

So turning off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from the Control Center would only disconnect the accessories, but not the full connectivity .

How does Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work now?

If Bluetooth is off, the device will not connect to other accessories until:

  •     Turn Bluetooth on again in Control Center.
  •     You connect an accessory via Bluetooth from Settings > Bluetooth .
  •     It's 5 am local time
  •     Restart your device. 

If on the contrary you disconnect your Wi-Fi and you need to connect to a network, you can do it again if:

  •     Turn Wi-Fi on again in Control Center.
  •     You connect to a Wi-Fi network from Settings > Wi-Fi .
  •     You walk or drive to a new location.
  •     It's 5 am local time
  •     Restart your device. 

Surprising enough that every day while we sleep both connectivities are re-activated, we imagine that to help us and that we do not pass any connection to a Wi-Fi network or accessory, but at the same time directly affect the consumption of battery and that our terminal is more open . And in fact this is what Apple considers, which advises us to leave both always activated to improve our user experience.

Apple made this change in a beta of iOS 11, however no one had reported this fact until iOS 11 was made public just 48 hours ago. However, if we want to deactivate them completely , we can always do it from Settings.

Via | Macrumors 

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