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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Will Face ID be more efficient than Touch ID?

Apple introduced its new iPhone X of the tenth anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Since then, there has been a great debate on the Internet about the functionality and feasibility of the Face ID feature .

Face ID is software related to facial recognition technology that will allow users to unlock the iPhone X only by displaying their face to the camera . The problem is that the company has removed the Touch ID function just as it did with the EarPods jack.

They may seem two totally isolated and completely different cases. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have much more in common than we thought . Apple removed the 3.5mm jack connector from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for the sole purpose of innovating, boosting AirPod sales and dreaming of a future without cables. In the case of the withdrawal of the Touch ID the same thing happens, the company wants to offer a better future by implementing a service that, perhaps not yet, but soon becomes the most effective method to unlock a smartphone.

Is iPhone Face X really efficient?

As is often the case in the world of technology, when new software comes to market, it comes with certain problems and errors. In fact, Apple suffered an uncomfortable and very embarrassing moment during the Face ID demonstration at the presentation conference of his iPhone X.

Assuming that Apple engineers have done their job well, Face ID will be extremely safe and functional. But there's a problem. Although able to recognize the face of a user in the dark , in a horizontal position, with the user asleep , wearing a cap, scarf, sunglasses ... will continue to completely replace the Touch ID .

It is not an additional security mechanism, it is the only method to unlock your smartphone (in addition to the password). The iPhone X does not have a physical Home button, so Apple had to replace the Touch ID function of the fingerprint reader with face recognition Face ID . Hopefully it will work just fine, but it's probably not as functional as we expected.

Touch ID (along with Raise To Wake) offered a quick, efficient, convenient and conventional way to unlock the iPhone. And if it did not work well, it was easy to correct . But the Face ID will not have a touch button with which to ensure a quick facial recognition correction: "Should I change the angle? Have I shown too much the profile of my face? Should I open my eyes more? "... Even more than one will caress his chin, thinking instinctively if he has allowed his beard to grow (although it will work equally well). What do you think? Will Face ID really be functional? Does the iPhone need the Touch ID? 

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