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Thursday, 21 September 2017

With iOS 11, anyone can record your Stories

 iOS 11 brings a much anticipated new feature which allows us to record the screen of our iPhone . Of course it is something that Android had before, but this time comes with an unpleasant surprise for SnapChat users or any kind of social network that allows data sharing for a limited time.

If you start to record the screen of your iPhone and open SnapChat (for example), you will be able to see all the stories that the users offer you while recording it and all that without they know anything. Of course, it is a concern for those who do not want their video or photo to be saved and only want to do something secret for a few seconds.

Recording the screen on your iOS device 

It is not complicated to record the screen thanks to the new iOS 11, to do this we should only go to Settings > Control Center . We add the "Record Screen" button and we will have it available whenever we want.

Having that button always available in any application, we can activate screen recording whenever we see something that interests us to save , whether temporary or not. Also, at the moment it is not detectable by SnapChat or other similar social networks , so nobody will know anything.

Luckily for some and bad luck for others, SnapChat has announced that in its next version 10.17.5, the application will be able to recognize when someone is recording their screen and will be in charge of notifying the creators of the Stories.

But right now, saving Stories on any application will not have any impact. If you take a capture, users will be notified but while all you do is record video, your sin will go completely unnoticed.

Give him the use you give him, you have this new feature available for whatever you want. It is quite useful to have a record or teach something to someone . As they say: a video is worth a thousand words, or something.

Source | mashable.com 

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