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Friday, 15 September 2017

Yes, the iPhone X Facial Recognition will also recognize you with sunglasses

The new Apple Face ID face recognition feature will work with most sunglasses , according to Craig Federighi, Apple's chief software engineer. " Most sunglasses allow the infrared of the ID to see the eyes, even when the glasses are opaque ."

Although Apple Face ID coverage is designed to make the feature work with hats, scarves, beards, eyeglasses, make-up and other items that could hide the face, sunglasses were not specifically mentioned. Federighi's answer clarifies one of the most important unknowns about Face ID .

Krimbel also asked for details on what would prevent a thief from picking up the iPhone X, pointing at his face and running away . In response, Federighi says there are two nuances in place. " If you do not stare at the phone, it will not be unlocked, " he said. " Also, if you grab the buttons on both sides of the phone when you deliver it, you'll temporarily turn off the face ID ."

In addition to answering these questions, Federighi also commented on the anecdote of Tuesday's presentation in which facial recognition failed . According to Apple, the software failed because someone else had picked up the phone before the Federighi demo. Federighi says it's not really a problem they had encountered before.

" The bio-block I experienced on stage came from several people interacting with the phone. For those of us who have been in the development of the iPhone X in recent months, this has never been a real problem, hence my surprise when it happened to me on stage . "

Face ID facial recognition is designed to replace Touch ID as the new biometric authentication system. While limited to the iPhone X at this time, Apple has said that it is the future of how we will unlock our smartphones .

For more information on how Face ID scans your face, whether you can be fooled, how it works with Apple Pay and the privacy features it incorporates do not forget to visit our post .

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