You only need a box of McDonalds to improve your portraits with the iPhone -


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Monday, 4 September 2017

You only need a box of McDonalds to improve your portraits with the iPhone

Of all is known that not always more is better. I explain, many times it is not necessary to be to the last one in equipment to make things resultones. Today we are going to show you a little experiment that has made a well known French photographer, obtaining some wonderful results with his iPhone and little else.

Philippe Echaroux is a famous French celebrity photographer who took this challenge to show people that they do not always need a high end team to create something great. He, however, was lucky enough to use high-end equipment, but sometimes the good thing is to try something out of his comfort zone and see what would happen . He accepted the challenge and succeeded.

Philippe states that the most difficult part during this project was not feeling like a fool in front of all the people he portrayed with his crazy proposal of enlightenment. Their main objective was not to show their skills, but to push people to try to do what they have in mind without an excuse to wait.

Ah, and before someone says the typical thing, "Go choppy" or "There's Photoshop by a tube ", yes, he used the VSCO, Photoshop FIX and Lightroom Mobile applications to improve the final result, but everything was done in his iPhone . Without proper lighting, however, it would be almost impossible to achieve the result you obtained.

Philippe used an Aliexpress flashlight, a straw and a Big Mac box to make it 



Yes, we have also been left with our mouths open. The imagination, the desire and a subsequent processing according to have managed to make of this experiment something successful . You know, on your next visit to the fast food place do not throw the box or the straw, you can try to do it.

If you finally encourage us we would love to see the results, so do not hesitate to publish them in our social networking profiles . We look forward to your photos right now. 

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