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Monday, 18 September 2017

You'll hate the latest Instagram update for iPhone

You already know that our favorite apps (which are usually the most popular), update their applications frequently to try to improve our user experience, increase the time we spend on them or directly, make them more profitable . In that sense, we have seen new features in WhatsApp like "WhatsApp for Business" or the wonderful function to sleep the heavy on Facebook .

Well, Instagram has joined the updates, only this will not like anything at all . So far, when you moved the app down, the videos were activating and deactivating and if you wanted to hear them you just had to tap on them. How, fast and effective.

But now he plans to be a bit more invasive . Now if you click on a video to see it, all the videos that appear in the application will be played with default sound . The good thing is that this feature is disabled when you close the app but while you are in it will mean that you will hear all the videos that pass through your Instagram. Although good, you can again tap and turn it off.

It's a shame, but with this new feature, the default silence is ended in favor of trying to attract your attention to the sound of the videos . For a few days, this feature was in the testing phase but we all suffered.

It is curious this novelty that assumes that if you have interest in seeing and hearing a video, you will immediately want to see and hear all the others. We do not know what effect it will have on its users but I have already given some scare with that unexpected sound reproduction .

But of course, do you know who this novelty is good for? For advertisers who use Instagram in their campaigns because this way they will get more and better to their potential customers, at the cost of bothering us of course.

What do you think of this change? Do you like the "autoplay" of videos or do you prefer to activate it yourself if you are interested?

Via | 9to5Mac 


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