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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Your Amazon Prime subscription has all this and you're not using it

Normally when we make a service we only hire what interests us, we know what we want and what they offer us. We seldom find that a contracted service offers us "something else" and, when it does, it is usually basic or of little use. But sometimes we find pleasant surprises , as in the case of our subscription to Amazon Prime. We have many services that we are wasting.

With Amazon Prime we have much more than purchases

When we talk about Amazon the first thing that comes to mind is its huge online store where you can buy almost everything, but with the subscription to Amazon Prime we have several complementary services. They are enough and surely, apart from Amazon Prime Video - the best known and most publicized Amazon - do not know or use any.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Buying clothes online is not easy, you have to risk the sizes and then deal with the returns. Amazon Prime Wardrobe is a complement to Amazon Fashion. This service completely changes the rules when it comes to buying clothes. You can order between three and fifteen items to receive them at home and try them as if you were in the shop tester, without paying anything.

Once you try on your clothes, you can return what you do not like or do not value you and just pay for what you have left. With a period of seven days to test your clothes and more than a million items is the ideal service for anyone who likes to buy clothes online. With the advantage of being almost the same as trying it on a store tester.

Amazon Home Services

Some services like this are limited to certain countries. In this case, the service is only available in the United States , for forty of its states. We could say that it is very similar to an employment portal, but specialized in the home. Here employees and employers can get in touch for contracting services.

Plumbers, cleaning services, mechanics, caretakers, caretakers ... All have a place in Amazon Home Services. While you make your favorite purchases you can be hiring services for the home . And all with the reliability and guarantees that we already know from Amazon.

Amazon Vehicles

Well yes ... we can also buy cars . Amazon's hand encompasses so much that we should not be surprised any more. With Amazon Vehicles we can buy cars from the comfort of our sofa. As if it were a dealership, you can choose the model, color, finishes and accessories of the car you want to buy.

Along with all this, Amazon Vehicles offers a complementary "virtual garage" service called My Garage. With this service we can add our car to the garage so we can easily find spare parts for it. It ended up having to be looking for references to find the parts you need. With My Garage everything will be much easier and faster.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

We find a service similar to Amazon Home Services, but offering and looking for individual job tasks. Works we can do from home for other people, such as book translations or create surveys. You can choose schedules and of course you pay . Surely more than one will request that they do their school work or writing.

Amazon Handmade

This service would be similar to street markets or stalls . With Amazon Handmade any artist can sell his works online more comfortably than being in a flea market. More comfortable for the artist and more comfortable for the buyer. Actually this service is integrated in the main one of Amazon, reason why from the habitual web it is possible to realize the purchases.

Amazon Web Services

This is a service I use a lot, I have several servers mounted here. With Amazon Web Services we can have servers with different operating systems, databases or applications and web services, all in the cloud . Its free service is quite complete and to mount any web or farm of simple servers is totally valid.

There may be some other service, but I only know those, and all of them only use Amazon Web Services. Now that you know more about your Amazon Prime subscription ... What are you waiting to try them out?

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