Your iPhone alerts you when you need to replace the battery -


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Friday, 15 September 2017

Your iPhone alerts you when you need to replace the battery

To our devices we undergo a rather hard work. Many of you have them 24 hours a day on, we crush them with data connections or Wi-Fi, photos, streaming, use of applications ... Come on, we give it a crush because they have been designed .

In the long run there is a part of the iPhone and iPads that end up suffering more wear and tear . Yeah, you got it right. This is the battery, which in many cases has to be replaced . The added inconvenience is not being able to do it for ourselves and having to resort to the SAT for it.

Well there is a feature that is in effect from iOS 10.2.1 and is the next, your device is able to warn you if it is asking for the time, that is, when it has quite a few load cycles and has started to lose properties .

And how does it ?, by means of a battery status alert, within Settings> Battery . If it does not work properly, a message appears saying: " Your iPhone battery may require service ". You will know this way so that it is already a spare part.
Apple Battery Service

It is always advisable to go to those who have manufactured our phone to obtain a warranty service. The iPhone battery service may still be covered by the warranty, or an AppleCare plan. If this is not the case, you will have to pay an out-of-warranty battery charge, which costs € 89 if you are unlucky enough to be out of coverage.

Many times we can find cheaper alternatives, although we do not recommend that you use them if your device is under warranty , as this would be canceled. It is preferable to be without a device for a few days or to move around if you do not have an Apple Store far away to risk something worse.

Have you ever had to change your battery? How did the experience turn out? How do you optimize the load ? We want to see them in our comments section. See you soon!

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