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Monday, 25 September 2017

YouTube Plus arrives: A paid subscription without advertising?

Surely you, like any neighbor's son, also sometimes spend time watching YouTube videos or even using it as a music playback. If this is your case, you're probably a bit tired of the excessive advertising of the most popular video platform on the market (or at least until you land Facebook Watch ).

As a matter of fact, YouTube's success is so much that it rises to the platform a whopping 300 hours of video per minute. Even thanks to YouTube has emerged a new way of making a living, the youtuber .

So yes, YouTube is the hen's golden egg . Google knows this and from time to time launches new functions aimed at increasing and maintaining its user base. Two years ago he launched YouTube Red, a kind of YouTube "pay" without advertising and other additional benefits. Shortly after YouTube TV came, which allows us to subscribe to pay-TV channels from YouTube. And now YouTube Plus arrives.

What is YouTube Plus?

From Andro4All echo an investigation of Android Police, where they check how YouTube could keep in mind another service "extra" of its platform , called YouTube Plus. For us to understand, it would be a hybrid between conventional YouTube, YouTube Red and YouTube TV.

The theories that embraces this web is that in YouTube Plus could reproduce in the background the videos of YouTube. It could also act similarly to YouTube TV, meaning that we could watch some pay-TV channels. It has even been pointed out that it could be the new name of some of the existing services or the union of both. But it is still unknown. In addition, its price would be very affordable, of around one dollar .

Be that as it may, YouTube Plus is falling , or that comes from seeing your name inside the code of the new version of YouTube. We are waiting to tell you everything.

Via | Andro4All 

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