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Monday, 9 October 2017

10 Essential Tricks for Safari on iPhone and iPad

If you are a Windows user, you probably will not use your native browser or paint (yes, we refer to Internet Explores or Microsoft Edge). However, if you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, Safari will be one of your favorite activities. In addition to being simple and intuitive, it is also robust and secure .

Even if you've been using it for years, you're not going to get the most out of it . And is that in the wake of gestures and intuitiveness, its major functions are hidden, so unless you tell them or discover them by chance, do not squeeze it to the max. To solve it, we propose up to 10 fundamental tricks. Some carry a lot with us, but others are new to iOS 11.

Long press on forward / reverse date 

If you are surfing the web and clicking on links, you are implicitly following a navigation path within that tab. Obviously, pressing the arrow on the front or back the browser will direct you to the page immediately before or after.

So far, but did you know that you can access the history with a long press? Here you can see the example if you have reached Wikipedia by clicking several links.

Long press on book icon 

As you already know, to add a bookmark in Safari you only have to click on the share icon and in that menu, click on add bookmark (or bookmarks or reading list). But what you did not know is that if you do a long press on the book, you will save time and you will do it directly . And is that when you press, a screen will appear where you can directly add the marker or the reading list.

Long pulsation sore eyelashes 

In both iPhone and iPad you can find the tab button. Of course, while in the mobile version is in the lower menu, the iPad is in the upper area.

In both cases, long press and you'll see new options : close all the tabs you have open, close that tab, open a private tab or a new tab. Again, we saved time.

In the case of the iPad, the long press also allows us to see the Split VieW option to split screen or merge.

Long press on "add tab" 

If you close a tab by mistake and want to retrieve it, it would be normal to go to the history and click on your last web visited. Something you could easily skip when you open a new tab: just make a long click on "add tab" (or the + icon) and you will see the windows recently closed.

Long press on OK 

If you are on the screen that allows us to see the tabs open and you want to close them all, you could give OK with a long tap and you will see the option to close all the tabs or just that one.

Long click on a web link 

Clicking on a link goes directly to the address it contains. But if you do a long press instead, you access a menu that allows you to open it, open it on a new page, add it to the reading list, copy the link to the clipboard or share it.

If the link is related to a third-party app, the option "Open in [app name]" will also appear.

Long click on an image of the web 

By pressing and holding on an image you can save it on your photo spool or copy it to the spooler . If the image has a link, the menu in the previous section would also appear.

Long press on Favorites icon 

From the blank Safari screen (eye, not to be confused with a new tab), we have access to our list of favorites by icons . If you press a long button, you can drag and organize them to your liking.

If on the contrary you press long and loose, you will see that you can also delete or edit them.

Long press on refresh button 

When a webpage finishes loading, you can give it a long press to access two new shortcuts: either refresh the page or directly access the desktop version , something especially useful on iPad.

If you have an extension to block ads, it will also allow you to upload the web with or without the blockers.

Long press on reading option 

New in iOS 11, this option allows us to launch the reader for certain domains . This means that you can view some websites without advertisements or distractions automatically.

Just give a long click on the icon and a window will appear that will allow you to activate the reading version automatically, both for all the webs that you enter and only for that.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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