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Friday, 13 October 2017

10 Ways to Optimize Your iPhone 8 Battery

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus already have a little time with us outside and you may already have one in your hands. The new iPhones are not only incredibly powerful, thanks to the new Bionic chips , but they are also the longest-lasting iPhone battery.

10 and a half screen estimates for the iPhone 8 Plus and 8 hours and a half for the iPhone 8 is not negligible. In fact, these figures give a lot of each other depending on the use we make , lasting perfectly a full day.

But, of course, if you want to squeeze the life out of your battery without sacrificing too much, we'll give you some tips . So get ready for what we bring you, note them well and do not forget to start them.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Why do you need the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected if you are walking in the countryside? For nothing, so turn them off when you know you will not use them .

Delete the Facebook app

You can consult your social network practically the same from the browser. The application of the blue network is a battery snake ( Snapchat too ) and can leave it dry to little you abuses . Heed us.

Disable notifications

Each time a screen is illuminated, a vibration is normally generated. Who loses is your battery . It is better for her and for your health, to come in from time to time to see if you have something.

Make more use of airplane mode

You cancel the phone's ability to send and receive signals , and therefore to consume the battery. Useful when you're in a place that you know is not covered or you can not use the iPhone, like a hospital. This mode is your great ally .

Background Updates

Is it really necessary that all your applications have to be permanently updated? Surely not, leave only the essentials .

Automatic lock

Normally with 30 seconds is enough, it does not make sense that you have it in two minutes always.


Usually it is useless for all applications to always use the location, you can change this by selecting the location to be activated when using that application.

Turn off vibration

It may not be necessary to have the vibration on when the phone rings. It is a good way to extend the battery life .

Turn off automatic downloads

More of the same, the same effect has let them off and update at home at once than having to force the phone to be permanently searching if there is an update of some app.

Disable push email

You also do not need to ask iOS that your iPhone is continuously checking if you have an email. You can leave the check for every half hour , for example.

With these simple recommendations, there are many more, you can stretch the battery of your iPhone more time than you imagine. Try them and tell us.

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