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Friday, 6 October 2017

3 things that iPhone did before Google Pixel 2

Of course with the launch of the new Google Pixel 2, Apple seems to be carrying signs without innovations and that Google and Samsung are starting to take the lead . This new phone from Google, the new technology that incorporates Samsung and the fact that Apple starts using wireless charging is a relatively old invention, makes the company Cupertino look worse than it really is.

Yes, it looks worse than it is and gives the impression that it is copying from its rivals, but this is not really so - in 80% of cases - since they are still ahead in certain inventions that always manage to revolutionize the experience on their phones.

Also, as we could see, it seems that Google is taking the same path that Apple continues, take existing ideas and give them a touch of their own to make them unique . Anyway, in the presentation of Google, they presented innovations of Google Pixel in the purest style of Apple, but that is not enough to overcome in innovation the giant of Cupertino. Knowing this, what is the iPhone ahead of Google Pixel 2?

Live Photos 

Something really Apple itself, we have never seen the photos as alive as with the launch of the iPhone 6S. This technology consists of capturing moments before and after a photo to get a small video in each capture that we make with the camera of our smartphone . This technology has been relaunched by Google with a new name: Motion Photos .

Portrait mode 

This mode manages to mimic the capture style of a professional camera and was released by Apple on its iPhone 7 Plus just last year. Quickly, other Android devices began to introduce this idea into their dual camera smartphones, as this type of lens is ideal for this type of captures.

Of course, Google has made its own version of this camera, but something more changed than the Apple or the rest of the competition. Pixel 2 has managed to add this incredible effect to an individual camera using artificial intelligence software. In addition, like the iPhone X, the new Google Pixel 2 will be able to take photos in portrait mode with the front camera phone.

Self-adjusting audio 

This is not a function specifically of the iPhone, but it is something that Apple got ahead. The new Google speaker is able to adapt its volume to the environment, listen to ambient noise and raise the volume of the speakers enough to make it sound clear and easy to understand. Of course this function was already implemented in the HomePod and it was really surprising when we first saw it in Apple's WWDC.

Be that as it may, the fight for innovation within the most popular companies will always exist. Really we are always benefited are us (as long as they do not raise the price to everything) , because with this competition between big brands appear new products that would be impossible to even imagine a few years ago.

Source | time.com 

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