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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

4 Reasons Why The iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than The iPhone X

How? Are you crazy? You will be the only one who likes the iPhone 8 Plus and probably the few who have bought it. Well yeah: despite the low sales ( lower than any other S model ), I bought an iPhone 8 Plus and I think I made the right decision. Although within 3 days I can reserve an iPhone X and have it in my hands next Friday.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one . So far, it seems that few have been encouraged to buy this update of the iPhone 7, but will have to see what happens in the following months. Total, barely a month in the market, the iPhone 7 costs only 100 euros less and the iPhone X ... we will see what happens.

Here I show you the reasons:


But how are you going to say that the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus is better than the one of the iPhone X? If it's Apple's first OLED model! I know. And what, does the Retina HD screen look bad? Yes, maybe the colors are clearer and there is more contrast with the OLED. What's more, the screen of the iPhone X will be 5.8 inches by the 5.5 of the iPhone X. That is, the screen of the iPhone X is larger and with better resolution. All good.

But there is one thing you can not argue about: the screen ratio . The diagonal of the X may be larger, but the surface of the Plus is still larger: 414 points of width of the model Plus by 375 of the iPhone X. And that without notch that notch that removes a piece of display and gives that aspect so weird to apps . Come on, unless you use the iPhone X in landscape, it is more useful to use the distribution of the iPhone 8 Plus.

Touch ID

I imagine that the Face ID will work great on the iPhone X, but Apple would not remove it, it would be a failure of Herculean proportions. But perhaps this technology does not seduce me today and I do not seem as comfortable as using my fingers, something that I am already used to and that seems reliable and fast. We saw Craig Federighi during the keynote with some problem , something that makes me think that the adaptation of the user may not be as comfortable as you think.

Call me conservative, but for now I'll stick with the comfort of the Touch ID .


To be honest, I usually buy the iPhone with a 24-month contract, so I probably would not notice much either. To this day I pay 35 euros with Vodafone, but I imagine that with the iPhone X it would go up to 40-45 euros. So there is not too much pain: if i buy an iPhone 8 Plus, you do not mind paying a little more for the iPhone X.

But hey, we will not ignore that are more than 200 euros of savings .


Suppose I have not been able to convince you and still you still want an iPhone X. Well good luck. The news that arrives suggests that Apple can produce it in small quantities , reason why the day 3 of November few will be the lucky ones. So you can book it, but it may take a few more weeks to get it in your hands . Same as Christmas.

And hey, if you buy a phone every 3-4 years it might be worth it. I usually change every 1.5 years or 2 years, and having to wait so much despairs me.

Instead, you can buy a phone with the same software, processor, rear camera, wireless and fast charging, a more useful display, a more familiar identification method and more colors for less money.

I also have love for technology and news, in fact I'm an iPhone X lover since I saw her first photos, but to this day, I'm happy with my decision. Think twice .

Also, if you buy the iPhone X, you'll be buying the terminal that Apple glimpses for years to come . The iPhone 8 Plus is the present. The X may be more exciting but next year you will have more of the same, but improved and without these problems of availability.

Via | The Verge

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