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Thursday, 5 October 2017

5 ideas to use your old iPhone after iOS 11

The launch of iOS 11 has not been to the liking of all users, in fact, many Apple mobile devices have been left out of operation as in the case of the iPhone 5 for not being compatible with the software update.

If that is your case, if you just do not want to upgrade to iOS 11 for fear of worsening the operation of your terminal, or if you have bought a new iPhone ... we give you 10 ideas with which to use your old iPhone (or iPad) .

Take care of him, he still has a lot of life ahead of him!

1. Selling 

Apple iPhone keeps its value very well. A two-year Apple iPhone with 16GB as the iPhone 6s can be sold for € 400. And for example an iPhone 5s has an approximate value of 200 € . So it's not such a bad idea!

2. GPS 

It would be interesting to look for a Dock or some accessory as a support for your vehicle (be it car, motorcycle, bicycle ...) and use your old iPhone as a GPS . It can also serve as a music player.

3. Children 

Another way to find utility to your old iPad or iPhone is to offer it as an entertainment tool to your children. It is an ideal way to learn all sorts of knowledge thanks to the applications of the App Store. Also, remember that iOS has a fabulous parental control to manage what use they give you.

4. Remote control unit 

Another way to get the most out of your iPhone is to turn it into a remote control. Some apps from the App Store will give you the opportunity to use your iPhone as a TV remote, especially if you have a Smart TV. But the ideal way to use the iPhone as a remote control is to use it as a remote control for the Apple TV with the TV Remote app.
Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote

5. Kitchen

You could also use your old iPhone or iPad in the kitchen. Use a dock to place it on a surface or get an accessory to stick it to your fridge and use it for shopping lists, to follow cooking recipes or simply to start the timer .

There are thousands of other ideas! For example, you can use your old iPhone as a storage method for your photos or your favorite songs. You can even use it as an alarm clock. What do you use your old devices? 

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