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Thursday, 12 October 2017

6 reasons to buy the iPhone SE and leave you fashions

Apple has a new iPhone, the X model , which looks amazing, is faster than ever, and that is outrageously expensive. The basic model, the 64GB, costs more than 1100 euros, and exceeds 1300 euros the 256GB .

But there's good news, folks: There's an iPhone out there right now, and it costs less than half the high price of the iPhone X. That phone is the iPhone SE and we are going to give you 6 reasons, even if they could be 60, why it is a device to keep in mind .

The iPhone SE is very affordable

Millions of people are going to buy Apple's latest release. It is more than just a phone, it is a status symbol. But you want something affordable, powerful enough and long lasting.

You're not trying to impress anyone , nor are you the kind of person who goes to the spearhead of high-tech gadgets. With 32 GB of storage and the internal operation of an iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE is very good for only 419 euros .

The iPhone SE is surprisingly powerful.

It carries the chip that powers the iPhone SE and also the iPhone 6S. It's the A9, and it has all the power it needs in a smartphone . Apple calls it " the most powerful 4-inch phone ever created, " and it's because of that chip.

And most importantly, the A9 makes this iPhone feel like a modern daytime phone and that in features is all a torpedo.

A very good camera

The iPhone SE does not have optical image stabilizer or capture in full color like the newer iPhone, so it does not work as well in low light situations, but do not worry. Everything from 4K video to HDR photos are integrated into the iPhone SE .

Remember that it has a 12 megapixel camera in the back, as well as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, as well as the iPhone X. Not exactly the same, of course, but their results are spectacular .

The 4 inches

The new iPhone X is a genre (in a good way) of glass, metal and silicon . We are talking about a phone that comes in a single size, and with about six inches of screen.

The iPhone SE, by comparison, seems tiny. But the point is that it is not. The iPhone SE seems small just by comparison, as we've all gotten used to smartphones that are bigger every year. Some people like this possibility to choose and buy versions of the iPhone Plus. If you are not of this type, this size is yours.

The iPhone SE has headphone jack

Even better, the iPhone SE headset jack is at the bottom. Starting with the iPhone 7 in 2016, every new iPhone, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X , removed the headset jack. If you already have Bluetooth headsets or want to spend the 179 euros of AirPods, this is not a huge problem . Do you never use headphones? Well, it's not a big problem for you either.

But you do travel daily on the subway, like millions of other people, so making headphones is something that we consider a crucial feature on any current phone.

There is nothing like the frustration of going to listen to music, and realize that your bluetooth headphones are without battery. You know, what ever happens to standard headphones .

It has the same great operating system as any other iPhone

Although Apple makes us believe that we need the latest iPhone in order to get the latest Apple experience , the truth is that all recent iPhone models run the same version of iOS as the latest model.

In the iPhone SE you get the same access to everything Apple can offer us (the app store, for example), the same security updates , and the same new emojis as all iPhone owners X.

You know, giving iPhone SE a try is not at all a "I want and I can not," is a smart answer for a market of people who want a simple but powerful phone .

Via : bussinesinsider.com 

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