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Monday, 30 October 2017

A clone of the iPhone X for 200 euros: that's Goophone

The iPhone X is coming and anyone who has managed to book it on the 27th will have it on November 3rd. But what about those who have not had time to reserve it? We can always wait up to 6 weeks to receive our iPhone X, but it's a long time.

As is customary when leaving a new iPhone, Asian brands make versions very similar to this iPhone for those who do not want to spend too much money on a phone but want to teach that they have an iPhone. Sometimes, these "similar" versions are so blatantly identical to a real iPhone that they can really confuse even the most expert . Sometimes we even see them with the Apple logo!

Goophone X

Goophone is an expert company in the field of replicating mobile devices, on its website we can find replicas of any high-end phone , from the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the iPhone X. Yes, the iPhone X, in this case called Goophone X.

It could be considered the first replica of iPhone X "well made", since its construction is impressive . It is difficult to compare today with a real iPhone X since we should ask Tim Cook if he leaves us his phone , but it does not take much to realize the amount of detail and good construction that Goophone replicas have on them.

Unfortunately, everything will be beautiful until we turn it on. Although it has a very convincing Android iOS launcher, we will soon realize that it is false because the screen is not from corner to corner. That is, it is like a screen of a normal phone, but with the iPhone X case .

Another negative point to note is the low performance of this terminal and the glue functions, which include a Touch ID that will never work and that is supposedly integrated into the screen .

Be that as it may, we can not ask for too much more for 200 euros. The phone will be functional and will respond to everything that is asked , also has Android installed (the version is unknown) so you can download the applications you need without problems.

Source | goophoneshop.eu

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