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Monday, 16 October 2017

"AAPapá" is useless: configure your emergency contacts

Undoubtedly our iPhone is the most faithful companion of our lives. Wherever we go he is, more and more dependent on the functionality he offers us.

Some time ago it became fashionable to put a new contact in our agendas, which we labeled with AA followed by the name of that person. It was to indicate who we should notify if we had any mishaps . Many replaced AA with ICE (In Case of Emergency), although the purpose was the same.

Now, mobiles are no longer simple phones to become small computers, and security settings, with codes of 4 or 6 digits or the combination of numbers and letters have made AA is an anachronism and no good . Still less with the fingerprints and from November with the Apple Face ID .

How can they notify in an emergency?

For this we must follow some very simple steps. First of all, discard the AA or ICE, and then keep in mind that we must use an iPhone with at least iOS 8. Raise your hand who is not already at least iOS 10 .

In the native Health application you can enter as many emergency contacts as you think fit for a case of need, more current than we can think. To do this, and within this application, click Medical Data in the lower right corner , and enter the most relevant contacts in your calendar, specifying the degree of relationship that exists .

So, in case we need help due to fading, dropping or any situation that puts our health at risk, the emergency teams, which have also received preparation for these cases, will be able to quickly access the predetermined contacts of your iPhone.

Do you know of any cases where the Health App has been useful? As always, we wait for you in comments.

Source : europapress.es 

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