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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Accessories to control your home with the iPhone, your house has life!

The technology advances by leaps and bounds mainly to offer us a much more comfortable life. Let's face it, we are a bit lazy ... We create devices to do things for us. And there is nothing like sitting on the couch and Siri will do all the hard work, right?

Today we will recommend a list of accessories compatible with HomeKit that will allow you to control your home from the iPhone or iPad. You can use the Siri voice commands to turn on the lights of your house, activate the lock on your doors and even charge your iPhone battery.

Without doubt, these accessories will be of great help. In addition, each of them has its own application in case you do not want to use the native application Apple House .
IPhone HomeKit accessories for your home

Dana Smart Lock 

This electronic Smart Lock with Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to open and close the door of your home directly from the iPhone. It has exclusive 256-bit AES encryption technology . It is also able to detect your location to automatically open the door to your house upon arrival. Is not it great?

Price: 159 €

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Thermostat Tado 

An ideal accessory now that the winter is approaching ... Yes, The Winter is Coming and you will love to ask Siri to raise the heating a little. Additionally, it will allow you to reduce heating cats by up to 31% through their geolocation control, weather forecast and their compatibility with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Price: € 129

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Koogeek plug 

And then we recommend a "universal" accessory as it will allow you to control almost any element of your home: fans, heaters, lamps, televisions ... It is a smart plug that you can activate and deactivate from your iPhone. Very useful!

Price: € 45.99

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Philips Hue 

Philips Hue is a connecting bridge for the intelligent lighting of your home. With this accessory you can control the LED bulbs in your home and even program its on and off.

Price: € 49.90

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Yeelight Xiaomi Lamp 

Finally we recommend the elegant Xiaomi Yeelight lamp. An intelligent lamp that can be programmed to turn on any day at any time. It allows to configure a wide range of colors and their intensity.

Price: € 69.99

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