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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

And they are 7, what is happening with the battery of the iPhone 8?

We all believed that the new iPhone 8 were not going to call anything media attention once they were put on sale, since Apple had introduced the iPhone X and iPhone 8 was, unfortunately, an iPhone 7s with another name. But apparently Apple always gets to talk about their devices , whether good or bad. Or very bad as is the case today.

The batteries of the iPhone 8 have begun to swell when they are charged , making them stand out even from the screen. This fact seemed an isolated case the first time it reached our ears , however, the number of affected users continues to grow and consumers are starting to worry.

The iPhone 8 at least have not exploded

As if a comic story about Samsung was, we are witnessing how the iPhone 8 are suffering the swelling of their batteries, already go for 7 cases . Although it seems a minor problem, it is traveling the world.

As the days pass, swollen battery cases increase, as happened with Note7. There have already been reports of this problem in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Greece, China, Hong Kong and Argentina. Knowing where the cases occurred, makes it clear that they are not problems due to climate or pressure : they are very distant countries with very different climatological circumstances.

Apple has already assured that they are working on the problem , but every day we have a different case: one of the cases occurred with the first charge of the device, which had not yet been used.

It's still too early to scare us

It is not the time - even - to think about the Note7. Firstly, because it has not yet exploited any iPhone. In addition, millions of batteries are made and mistakes are common . There is no doubt that users from what happened with the Samsung device, they will go crazy every time something happens to their batteries. We just have to wait and see what Apple says about it.

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