Another iPhone 8 Plus defective more ... and they are already 5 -


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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Another iPhone 8 Plus defective more ... and they are already 5

Ugh, less than a month ago that the iPhone 8 was introduced and, although for the moment the defective iPhone 8 figures do not even reach 10, so far from the disaster of Note 7, the reality is that this number continues to rise and there are already 5 cases of iPhone 8 batteries that swell and deform the terminals.

The latest of all of them has occurred this weekend in China , precisely the largest mobile market in the world and where Apple has been trying to conquer. Of course, it's not a good start.

This incident comes precisely when Apple has been investigating similar cases for a couple of weeks in Taiwan, Japan, Greece and Canada , where the batteries of some specific terminals were swollen, causing the terminal shell to open and the screen to exit the frame where it is integrated .

The fifth incident has been reported on the Chinese web site, where it is said that a buyer surnamed Liu bought an iPhone 8 Plus and when it came to his home and opened it, he was already deformed . Of course, there were no signs of an explosion. According to Liu, he bought his iPhone on the internet, Inc (JD.O) and that as soon as he arrived, he returned it to his salesman without even trying to load it.

At the moment, they are still isolated cases and although they occur in varied countries , at the moment it usually happens more in Asia and only seems to affect the larger model of the iPhone 8, the version plus. Apple is investigating them all and has not yet pronounced.

Although in one of the cases could have been to load it with a non-original charger, everything points to a supplier with defective batteries, precisely the same that provided the batteries to the controversial Samsung Note 7 model that later the Koreans had to withdraw from the market after hundreds of complaints.

Sales of the iPhone 8 are generally low, especially since many potential customers wait for the iPhone X but of course, this news does not help improve them.

Via | Reuters 

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