Apple advances orders for the iPhone X and could arrive on November 3 -


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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Apple advances orders for the iPhone X and could arrive on November 3

After the dizzying day yesterday in which confirmed the suspicions of Apple and users exhausted the reserves of the iPhone X in just a few hours and even began the speculation with prices that began at 2,000 euros , everything seems to start accelerating and you could have it sooner than expected

And is that if you were fortunate in reserving your iPhone, surely the estimated delivery date was several weeks. Well, Apple has updated the states to "in preparation" and despite the expected date, probably your brand new iPhone comes home on time , whether you live in Europe or the United States.

Your iPhone X will arrive sooner than expected

That is, you may have it at the door on November 3 , as initially estimated. In fact, although on paper could be much earlier, Apple will never send them before day 3. Also, those who thought you could arrive in December, probably receive a few weeks before.

By the way, when an order changes status to "In preparation for shipping" it means it can not be modified or canceled, but who would want to cancel an iPhone X? So that beautiful wait begins in which we can enter the dealer's website to go verifying how the iPhone X is going through the different states until it is "In distribution".

However, if you were not the lucky ones, you always have the option of approaching an Apple Store as of next Friday: it is said that Apple has prepared a good number of terminals without reservation so that the early risers do not keep the best phone that has ever been invented.

Could you reserve an iPhone X yesterday? When is your shipment planned? What model did you choose?

Via | Macrumors

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