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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Apple Animojis are technically illegal

The iPhone X is a spectacular smartphone, the company's tenth anniversary high-end phone bite is about to land on the market (November 3) and the excitement is at its peak. Many consumers are waiting to purchase this terminal, and one of its most striking claims are the Animojis.

IOS 11 Animojis is an exclusive iPhone X functionality that allows users to use animated emoji based on facial expressions through facial recognition.

But, now, the Animojis are facing a serious problem. And Apple too. Technically, this functionality is illegal . Well, at least her name ...

An iOS application developer has been using the "Animoji" nomenclature since 2014 , and registered it at the US Patent and Trademark Office. So, you have the right to sue Apple for using this name.

He says that Apple already knew that the Animoji nomenclature was already registered because its application has been in the iOS App Store for three years. Besides ... and now comes the really exciting ... Apple tried to buy the name!

Most likely of all this is that Apple and the developer reach an agreement out of court. The Cupertino firm could not afford a new court battle.

Enrique Bonansea's Animoji application allows users to send animated messages in an easy and fun way, with texts and animations. Yes, including emojis.
Animoji™ – Mensajería animada gratis [Patente Pendiente]

Animoji™ – Mensajería animada gratis [Patente Pendiente]
Social Networking
Instalar 1,09 €

The developer claims that several companies tried to buy the brand. And he believes that some of these companies could be subsidiaries of Apple. This is a very murky affair, of course ...

What will happen next? Will we see how Apple ends up eliminating the Animoji app from the App Store? Will both parties reach an agreement? How much will Apple have to pay in this lawsuit?

Source | 9to5mac 

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