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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Apple denies a possible change in Face ID components

During these last months, in Apple they have lived a great revolution. Not only is the launch of a radically new iPhone, but also have moved to the new Apple Park, and have begun to show the world what they have prepared for the next few years. But, for now, we are left to think long and medium term and do so in the short term. And is that the launch of the iPhone X is just over a week .

If there is something in which all the rumors agree on the new iPhone and its possible success, it is going to be a very problematic launch . As we discussed earlier, some of the components included in the iPhone X are especially difficult to mass-produce. For this reason, many of those who want to get a phone on launch day will be left without it. However, Apple does not consider sacrificing the quality of its products to accelerate production.

The iPhone X that sold us will be the one we will buy

A few hours ago the alarm was given when Bloomberg published a news commenting that Cupertino would have reduced the accuracy of the sensors of the Face ID to be able to manufacture more units. However, Apple has not been slow to come out to disprove it. In a statement transmitted to TechCrunch , the company claims that it has not changed the accuracy of Face ID, and that the Bloomberg news is completely false.

In this way, the company assures us that we will have the phone we were sold on September 12. No more no less. The problem, as we have said at the outset, will be the time it will take to achieve this . But for that, Apple does not have an official response to offer. At least for now.

And you, will you buy an iPhone X launch?

Via | MacRumors

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