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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Apple denounces misleading advertising on iPhone 8

Apple gets a complaint, and it does not come from QualComm this time. It is from an organization here and it is dedicated to the defense of consumers. FACUA-Consumers in Action has accused Apple of misleading advertising of the iPhone 8 , which is advertised as "splash and water resistant" but whose warranty, as it is written in the small print, "does not cover damages caused by liquids" .

This association has sent a letter to the Directorate General of Consumer Affairs of the Community of Madrid, where the company Apple Retail Spain SL has its headquarters, alerting the agency about the advertising that keeps the manufacturer in force to promote its new mobile phone .

It exposes the product as supposedly impermeable but without assuming any responsibility for the possible effects that exposure to liquids may have on the terminal.

In the different announcements issued by Apple, the iPhone 8 appears at times covered with water, but at the same time a notice at the foot of image warns that the manufacturer is released if there is damages caused by liquids . FACUA considers that lifting the warranty of the device in these cases constitutes an evident contradiction with respect to the campaign issued and, therefore, an explicit case of illicit advertising for the consumer.

This may imply, in the opinion of FACUA, that the user can buy an iPhone 8 without really knowing the qualities of the same , or at least the benefits that are covered by the legal guarantee offered.

The Act 3/1991, of Unfair Competition, stipulates in its first paragraph that any conduct that contains false information or that, even if truthful, because of its content or presentation induces or may mislead the recipients, subject to the existence of the nature of the good or service, its main characteristics such as its benefits, risks, composition, use, specifications or the results that can be expected from its use . "

We will see what remains this complaint, can be that the US company must eliminate the advertising campaign or remove that small print that exempts you from possible damages by liquids.

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