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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Apple eliminates the free App of the week from the App Store

As you know, the App Store has undergone a major redesign in iOS 11 . And in general, everything is good news and good news for us: a simplified and friendly interface, more apps than ever ... but there is something we do not like. The free App of the week has disappeared .

So far, every Thursday in Cupertino updated this section of the App Store offering us a free app for iPhone and iPad users to download. Unfortunately, this section is no longer available since September 19 , iOS 11 release date.

Instead, this tab has been replaced by "Today" , an area in which we see the app of the day according to Cupertino accompanied by a small review. But of course, if the app of the day is a payment application, it is still pay and you will have to open your wallet to download it. And if it's free, it's still free. The same can be said of the new action "Game of the Day", which highlights an App Store game daily.

And is that with iOS 11, Apple made changes in the App Store to make users browse through this somewhat simpler . And surely they thought that it is more important for users to find the apps they are looking for rather than keep on chatting, promotions and offers. Like everything in Apple, nothing is definitive and perhaps this section of the free app of the week will return soon, but for now we have run out of it.

That's why, remember that in iPadizate we offer daily a selection of the best apps for iPhone and iPad that exclusively and temporarily are in promotion at zero cost. We do not know when the offer will be exhausted, so we recommend that you follow us daily and as soon as they are available, because Apple will not make it easy.

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