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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Apple plans to launch 2 mobile phones cheaper than the iPhone X

The starting price of the iPhone X is 1,159 euros, but a good part of those who dare to buy it, will not blow it. Between the contracts of permanence of the operators or the financing in installments, the investment will be less hard. But still, it's still a big payout . Even making amagos or delivering your old terminal.

But Apple is aware that the price factor will be a barrier for many , so it is speculated that they could have a strategy to reduce somewhat their prices.

According to the Economic Daily, Apple would be working on two new terminals that would happen to the iPhone X : one top and one more affordable, whose code names would be Lisbon and Hangzhou, respectively.

Precisely, the code model of a Chinese city would be the cheap, oriented to less demanding consumers and Asian markets. Anyway, would have to put the "cheap" in quotes , because it would not be an iPhone X, that is, with almost borderless screen and the notch that allows the Face ID.

Also the iPhone X would also be cheaper according to Apple's traditional policy , which usually drops about 100 euros when a new model comes out. But of course, would it make sense to get a premium model cheaper than a previous model? One of two, or cheap the iPhone X much more than 100 euros or as much reduce the price of the next model about 50 euros, a ridiculous amount.

However, as the technology used for the iPhone X is more common and less innovative, mass production is expected to be somewhat cheaper , so better results can be achieved with less investment.

In any case, this is what ensures the Chinese newspaper that later account BGR. We are more pessimistic and we think that at most they could keep prices down . Given the generalized upward trend and the high expectation generated, why reduce them? Another thing is that sales are lower than expected.

Via | BGR 

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