Apple prepares another great redesign for the iPhone, and will be even better than the X -


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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Apple prepares another great redesign for the iPhone, and will be even better than the X

Ever since the iPhone X rumored, when we still knew him as the iPhone 8, we were not quite sure what we could expect from such a major redesign for the iPhone. At first, when we only knew a few small details about him, many of us started to have illusions about what it would mean for the line. When the first renders appeared, we knew that, finally, it was real, even if it was not the design that many would have chosen .

Less than a month after the official release of the iPhone X, we find ourselves in a somewhat special situation. This year, Apple has decided to present two proposals that try to meet the needs of both the consumer continuum and the one who expects a revolution. And is that, if there is something we can not deny, is that the iPhone X is the most revolutionary phone that Apple has introduced since the first iPhone. However, what we have been able to see this year is just a small glance at what Apple has prepared for us.

The iPhone X is the first step, but there is still a long way 

According to what we learned from information shared by South Korean financial news portal The Investor , Apple would be preparing a new smartphone concept to be launched in 2020. This new model would make use of a panel technology created by LG Display which would make it possible to manufacture flexible phones. And is that, while it is true that the iPhone X has a flexible OLED panel that allows you to make the most of the space, we will not be able to double it at our whim.

The new iPhone, which was already being developed by Apple , if it would have this quality, and it seems that the company are more on guard than ever before the possibility that Samsung are ahead. Something that is very likely to happen, as its competitor, the same one that provides the screens , already announced that it would introduce the first flexible smartphone next year, and it does not seem that Apple has the slightest intention to accelerate its plans. Again, we will have to wait a little while to know the details, assuming all this is true.

Via | BGR 

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